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Had a rough week, on top of some extensive work that lasted nearly to the afternoon of the next day …twice, we had two trees cut down. There was a lot of clean up work to do, mulch and all of the fences were taken down including their posts.

We had to get all of them back up quickly as my mom who is mentally disabled from Progressive Asphasia walks around …’a lot’. So we wanted to make sure she’s safe and won’t wander off and get lost.

Lack of sleep and rushing heavy labor in summer heat isn’t exactly easy but it had to be done and we got it sorted thankfully.

She’s doing about as well as she can, we watch over her as best we can and make her smile as much as possible but it’s rough on all of us but we have eachother and she has us.

I apologize for the depressing art but blargh it was a really hard week.

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By Mike Girardin

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Well, bit annoyed, I found out about the Transformation Contest late and was determined to get something for it, I was following the page with the timer down to the last minute. Apparently I didn’t refresh the page and something got out of wack because I was late by 1 hour. So all that rushing for nothing and the mod I chatted with denied my entry. (not blaming her in the least! Something got crossed and it’s either my fault or my browser)

Well this sucks majorly, so I tool down the low res version required and threw a much higher resolution version up. It’s my first 100% digital painting, did all the pencils, pens, color, shading on my surface pro 2 in manga studio then photoshop. Hope you guys like it :\

Manga Studio, Photoshop, Surface Pro 2 

Antares Complex © Gx3R / Mike Girardin

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Here’s a fanart crossover I was hoping to have out quicker buuuuut life!

In order we have Vicky, Madeline/Pokey, Neige and Amethyst. Comics/art  that I’ve found here on DA and follow and enjoy quite a bit (I haven’t had the pleasure of reading Little Victory because…well I haven’t bought it yet but Jolly Jacks art is something I follow happily.)
They are all fancy comics and I suggest giving them a read, wait and mine too! Wait dooon’t goooo! D:

Jolly Jack’s Deviantart:
Randommode’s Deviantart:
Antares Complex main site:
T.Welker’s Deviantart:

I’m not the most social creature on the planet, I try and show I care as best I can but I never feel like it’s enough so I went the whole hog and drew up something for everyone. The female protagonists of their comic series, and greedly including my own (In her new freakin’ armor!) rendered as best as I could manage in the recent insanity that is life.

I doubt many read this far into the description but: Here’s to you awesome indie comic makers, keep makin’ your awesome art and sharing it with the world! :)


Credit where credit is due:
Little Victory © Phillip M. Jackson
The Pirate Madeline © M. Ingenito
Antares Complex © Mike Girardin
Heartcore © Tara Welker-Stewart

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Jupiter’s great red spot is shrinking.

More info:

I’m a science nerd and being this is my favorite planet I’m super interested in what’s going on here

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This is work I did, it’s an ad but I’m not advertizing the company, just sharing my work- no links to the site here! :| Don’t run away. 

I got a soft spot for the little guy, he’s derpy, has a great smile and those massive floating eyebrows. Some of you may know from a journal or two that I love my mom a whole bunch too, so in comes this pic I did for work.

I’m currently doing some ads featuring him for a bunch of holidays, this was one of the first I created and wrote. I thought it was funny and cute, hope you guys think the same. I’m not trying to spam you guys! No links to the site or whatever- though I should since I made this AWESOME sticker here’s the Dev:…

Let me know what you think, or if I burned your eyes from too much adorable nonsense, let me know after your hospital trip! D:

Adobe Flash & Photoshop

Goo © Green Gizmo

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I find it hilarious people bring up Raiden's heels as a "take THAT". Women make up less than a quarter of the most popular video game characters, with only roughly 4% of games explicitly having a female protagonist (not counting games where you can choose your char's gender). Samus is easily one of the top 10 most well-known female heroes in games. So with that many more male characters, their rebuttal is "well what about that sidekick that appeared in the fourth game in the Metal Gear series?"
danalynnandthecallofadventure asked

Exactly, and it’s not like they were just heels, they’re robotic as in they can move, grab and whatever else you need (make french fries or something) .
Also what is never taken into account is the level of campy nonsense, look Bayonetta is badass, has probably the one case of useful heels on a female hero (they shoot bullets for god sakes) but she is in no way serious and has crazy super natural powers.
The lamest justification I got from someone was “Calvary used heels and they’re warriors”. They had heels designed for horseback riding, not stilettos, and last I checked Samus doesn’t ride a mount.

Samus never had heels, isn’t the kind of girl who would ever be able to make use of them, nor does her job point her in need of that kind of wardrobe. If one wants to get mental and technical, she’s probably pretty distant from any human because of the massive loss of her family and friends on a colony then being raised on a harsh alien world by bird people (and genetically altered to survive better on said world). So I can’t imagine her subscribing to heels.

End of thoughts:
I agree with you, really find it hilarious but I don’t see why people are defending this, whether it’s sex appeal, because Nintendo put it out or what (critique anything Zelda and see some crazy rage) but there’s just no justification for it. I’m all for the campy stuff like Bayonetta and stuff like Golden Axe or whatever but some variety and fitting attire is VERY nice.

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Go ask Raiden or Chell if high heels stop them.
Anonymous asked

Yes let’s ask a cyborg character based on campy nonsense if high heels bothered him.

Let’s ask every girl if they’d fight in heels or that if they fought would they get stuck in soft ground, break or raise the chance of breaking their ankle.

Or, let’s ask the original creator of the Zero Suit if wanted heels:

That’s a no. Every suit prior to this didn’t have heels either, the heels look stupid, they are stupid, don’t defend stupid design decisions, that’s why we have Other M.

If you, or anyone else can tell me why these heels are a better idea than my idea where she salaves her power armor boots instead of equipping these random nerf gun heels then I’ll hear it. Till then, all I’m hearing is “Heels are okay because someone else in another genre/universe used heels” okay, but they were designed with them and are campy, Samus wasn’t. There’s better ideas and I’ve not heard anything telling me why heels are fitting/are good/better than other ideas.

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Incase you haven’t seen Z.S. Samus’s debut, they attached some really dumb clunky looking heels to her boasting they’re rocket heels. Here is a link:

Yes that is from Nintendo and some some silly fanart.

Let’s go over why heels are a stupid idea in combat:
More likely to break your ankles, they get stuck in soft ground, offer less grip and negatively impact balance.

Now why they’re ill fitting for Samus:
They dont’ fit in the suit, she’s not meant to fight in the Zero suit, where did she get these and why do they look totally unfitting?
On top of all this they just look stupid, why not just use her boots? The suit got damaged okay, so she salvages her boots from her suit which have in built jump buffs and would hurt a lot more when kicked with them.

I’m astounded that Nintendo keeps screwing up their hero after so many great games. So here’s my take on it, she’s got her power suit boots and I think it works out.

Samus © Nintendo

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Bonk bonk bonk bonk bonk.

Earthworm Jim © Shiny Entertainment

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Girls, girls girls!

And in the morning it’s GIRLS- ahem, Beastie Boys songs aside, girls, all I really want is girls in armor that makes sense.
When designing armor as of recent (mostly for sketches and ideas) finding references for this sort of crap is actually quite hard. Don’t get me wrong- Tyrus Flare and her scantly clad sword wielding self has it’s appeal in the light of the old barbarian art of ages ago where guys wore speedos and wielded axes, girls wore bikinis and had giant weapons. That kind of style knew it’s place and you know it’s campy and is part of that sort of Conan/Golden Axe/Dragons Crown style. It wasn’t meant to be taken seriously.

On to the problem: searching around 99% of what I’ve encountered is girls with boobplates, bikini tops while they’re wearing a wall of armor elsewhere, or the other great one, nothing protecting the thighs…you know where you have arteries.
I’m not trying to change every character over or tell people how to draw, but it’s very surprising to see the sheer number of characters, warriors even who do not have believable armor in any regard. Especially worse  when compared to their male counterparts in games where you’re allowed to make either gender.
Guy has a slot for his eyes, girl has a slot for her front and thighs to be exposed …in a serious game-….it’s kinda lame.

Again I’m not opposed to campy or sexy, but when trying to go for a real look and story I feel the need to have something more fitting. It’s something I’ve really strive to have with my characters. In Antares Complex yes I do have a character or two who are going to be a bit less armored but- it fits their character and will fit the situation. Said characters aren’t going to knowingly charge into a fight without proper gear. Sure one is dressed a bit more for a sexy appeal- but she’s a merchant and uses that- for combat she has shielding and a shield, for a real fight she has armor she can equip that is not exposing her skin to being blown to bits.

When I design stuff I try to think of what I think the character would want to wear and not just what I think looks cool. In the end it’s likely a mix, but I think more should be put into that sort of idea.

Though I think I have a bit of a unique perspective in this regard, maybe I’ll get into why in another post…no I’m not a fashion designer and I do not enjoy the male anatomy thanks for asking :P

I’m not calling for censorship as I’m 100% against that kind of thing, again I’m all for campy and silly and what not, this is more just me venting my thoughts against the fact that it’s nearly impossible to find well made armor for female characters in serious media and it’d be nice to see more seriousness applied in the fitting situation.

Because I happen to know some fun comic artists on Deviantart and I’m not against what they’re doing, infact I find their stuff charming and fitting for what they’re doing and I support it, I’m more aimed toward the art you see in games, wall of armor for dude, bikini for girl. Infact I’m more here calling for variety where the norm seems to be ill fitting armor designed for visual appeal alone vs all around. Again, armor, designed to protect! You’d think there’d be more variety but it’s just a lot of dumb stuff, the tippy top was Spider Woman running in a space suit with NO FRONT TO THE SUIT, just part of her costume and her belly exposed. Radiation, decompression, temperature, how many other things can we list that would kill her in this situation?

That said, Titanfall has some SERIOUSLY nice designs when it comes to their characters, male or female. Come to think of it, EA’s devs have all had some nice designs for girls in the games I’ve played: Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Deadspace …well okay, not 3 where Ellie was designed with a top that was an inch short of showing everything. Well kudos to them then.

Hey everyone it’s been a little bit since my last post, it’s been a bit rough still since then but focusing on positive is what we’ve been trying to do around here. My goal in this post was to discuss the issues of female armor and clear my front page of depressing events which I’m far from being over.

I hope everyone has been doing well and I’d love to hear your thoughts on armor design, or hell clothing design in general.

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Oh, really?


^Click the blank thumbnails to show a great response by Repair Her Armor (They were blank for me, so giving a heads up incase you think I’m saying girls don’t belong in gaming…I play fem Shepard for crying out loud D:

(Source: howlunds)

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Waiting room drawing at a docs office a few days ago, then after 3 long hours we were rushing a family member to the emergency room via ambulance, so hence the title: Welp.
My brother and me here, just blowing off some steam while we were waiting.

-Manga Studio

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New Year, more problems, felt like my shoulders were getting full, when in reality it’s more like our shoulders are getting full. Keep stackin’ it up, it’s expected at this point n’ we’re gonna keep fighting.

Latest event in this joke of a year, grandma who I’ve lived with my entire 28 years of life with has a mass in her intestines, likely cancer, she just went in to the hospital, her appointment had to be moved up because the day she was supposed to go in, there was a blizzard incoming. :|

Just another box on the pile, put your dukes up for her, ‘cause we’re fighting this shit!

Pencil, pens, marker.

Art: Mike Girardin © Mike Girardin

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It took me a while to decide on what to do for a giveaway, you guys are always awesome and I wanted to show my thanks. So decided to do a giveaway of the software I use Manga Studio 5 aka Clip Studio Paint.

  • You do not have to follow me.
  • Likes and reblogs count separately so you can do both to double your chances. Please no spam reblogs. Sideblogging is fine though.
  • I’m only mailing to the US and Canada.
  • I’ll be ending this giveaway Sunday December 1st.

Have fun! :D